Nothing lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change…

Day 3  9st 7.5lbs

Another 1lb down 🙂 That’s a nice surprise to wake up to. This morning it was a BEAUTIFUL outside so I made a fruity breakfast with yogurt and oats which I sat and enjoyed in bed whilst taking in the springtime view :D. Later in the morning I had a quick snack of orange and mint tea.

2013-03-16 09.28.542013-03-16 10.26.27

– 1/4 cantaloup, strawberries, plain low cal yogurt, handful of oats & 2tsps sweetener

– Blood orange & mint tea


After a well-deserved (I think…!) duvet morning I finally got up at midday and had some gooooorgeous soup with roasted pepper and toast, washed down with a delicious fresh smoothie. I swear that blender I bought on offer at the Eurospin was the best 11.99 I have ever spent ;). I also had a cheeky coffee with milk on my way to the hairdresser.

2013-03-16 12.16.41cafe macchiato 1 sugar

– Pumpkin and carrot soup with fresh basil & 1 small slice toast

– 1/2 roasted red pepper

– Smoothie; 1/2 mango, 1 blood orange & handful of strawberries

– Espresso machiato (1 x sugar)


There is no easy way to finish this post so I’m just gonna gloss over the fact that me and my boyfriend of a year split up. He’s going through some difficult times with a friend who is sick and evidently would rather confront them alone. As you can imagine, this didn’t do my ‘healthy eating’ any good… I went over to my dad’s for comfort and his solution was to get me downing grappa. It was downhill from there. I’m not going to go into detail but there were a lot of cocktails and a lot of bread and jam but I don’t think anyone would blame me… right?

images (34)images (35)

– Lots of cocktails 

– Lots of bread with butter and jam

Back on track tomorrow… what’s important is not how we fall, but how we pick ourselves back up.


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