Day 2  9st 8.5lbs

So I was happy to step on the scales this morning and find that I’m 1lb down already 🙂 That’s a positive start.

I was trying to be super-good this morning so at 5.45am before leaving for work I downed a great big avocado and melon smoothie. I must admit I couldn’t finish it… whilst it started off being quite pleasant it soon became sickly creamy and it was also very filling. Still it was very satisfying and I feel ready to begin the day. Or as ready as it is possible to feel at 6am… :/ When I arrived at school at 8.45, I just had time to gulp down a skinny cappuccino before class started and at break time I ate an apple out in the playground because my tummy was ruuuuuuumbling!!

Imageskinny capp 2sugargreen apple

– Smoothie; 1/2 avocado, 1/4 cantaloup melon, 2 tbsps oats, sweetener, 1tsp sugar

– Cappuccino (2 x sugar, skimmed milk)

– Green Apple


At lunchtime I was good and avoided the pasta that was on offer at the canteen instead opting for a slice of potato frittata with tomato and carrot salad, crescenza cheese and a small wholewheat roll. I washed it all down with 2 large glasses of water and had juicy blood orange for dessert. It was delicious as the school food always is (private schools for the win 😉 ) but I felt a little bloated afterwards… too many carbs I imagine. Anyway I decided to try and combat this with a nice pot of mint tea at the cafe next door. Bliss.

potato frittata with salad, crescenza, roll and ormint tea

– Potato frittata, tomato & carrot salad with balsamic vinegar, 60g crescenza cheese & small brown roll

– Mint Tea

In the afternoon we had a teacher training session during which I managed to down another skinny cappuccino and devour another 2 blood oranges… just can’t seem to resist all this free fruit that’s always on offer. I guess there are worse crimes.

blood orange and skinny capp 1 sugarblood orange

– Skinny cappuccino (1 x sugar, skimmed milk) and 2 blood oranges


When I finally got home I had about half and hour to get changed and get out of the house to get to my other job (I moonlight at the local bar) so I managed to wolf down a banana in the car on the way. There was no time for dinner whilst I was there so I had to make do with picking at a few of the free crips and drinking yet another cappuccino. I think I may have a problem…  :/ 😉

bananacrispscapp 2xsweetener

– Banana

– Assorted ready salted crisps (plain, tortilla and pringle)

Cappuccino (2 x sweetener, full fat milk)


I finally got out of work at midnight (loooooong day!) and my boyfriend wanted to go for a drink so we went and did a little karaoke and I had a couple of campari bitters and a vodka orange. I was SO hungry by the time we got home at 1.30am but was determined not to do anything too drastic (plates of pasta in the early hours of the morning are never going to lead to anywhere good!) so I had some cashew nuts and a cornetto.

2013-03-15 20.31.122013-03-15 20.31.122013-03-15 23.48.26images (34)images

– 2 x Campari bitter

– 1 Vodka and orange juice

Cashew nuts

– Classic cornetto


Overall I’m not overly pleased with this intake simply because it’s a little erratic. Unfortunately that is the problem with juggling more than one job which requires very early mornings AND late nights. Throw the weekend into the mix and its a recipe for disaster. It’s not that I feel like I’ve eaten too much particularly, it’s that it’s all so bitty… I feel like I need to be eating more regular meals. That’s something  I can work on though. Oh… and less milky coffee!!! 😉


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