A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…

DAY 1: 9st 9.5lbs


– Turbojam Cardio Party Mix 1 (45mins)

– Turbojam Turbo Abs (15mins)

I’m not crazy about these dance party workouts and I’m not sure why because I love love love zumba… it is specifically aerobic style dance workouts that I don’t enjoy. I find them tedious and I don’t really feel as though I’ve gotten a good, hard workout. As a result I feel like I don’t tend to give it 100% which only exacerbates the problem. Anyway I suppose any workout is better than no workout and the abs routine is pretty good as it is a little different to the norm.


I thought I’d get off to a good start by getting lots of fruit in so I devoured a tub of fruit and yogurt on the bus at 7am. I also had a cappuccino with sugar whilst I waited for my connection (we all need a little caffeine treat to start the day right??) and another skinny cappuccino when I finally arrived at work at 8.45.


07:00: 1/2 mango, 1 banana and 1 kiwi with plain low calorie yogurt

 08:00: Cappuccino (2 x Sugar, full fat milk)

 08.45: Cappuccino (unsweetened, skimmed milk)


We were on a field trip this morning which meant walking around in the freeeeezing cold looking at the architecture of local homes. It was really fascinating but by the time 10.30 rolled around everyone was hungry and one of the children starting handing out cookies that her mum had baked. I was good though and took the very smallest one 😉


10:30: Small butter cookie with chocolate sprinkles


We arrived back at school late so I didn’t have time to stop for lunch. Luckily miss Julie came in with croissants for us all this morning so I managed to eat that with an apple and an orange on the bus. I don’t know if that counts as a healthy lunch (Ok, ok I KNOW it doesn’t count as a healthy lunch!) but I was starving and there was nothing else on offer. I also had another cappuccino waiting for my connecting bus. I had this one with sweeteners but nevertheless I am starting to wonder if these frothy coffees may be partly responsible for my muffin top… :/

ImageImage Image

12:00: Wholewheat croissant with apple jam filling

12:00: Green apple and blood orange

12:30: Cappuccino (2 x sweetener, full fat milk)


I was pretty peckish after my 2 hour commute home so I had an apple and yogurt snack pre-workout


14.30: Chopped green apple, plain low calorie yogurt and 1tsp brown sugar


I had my boyfriend over for dinner so I had to do my very favourite thing of… cooking separate meals…! Soul destroying. He ate enough gnocchi with tomato and mozzarella to feed a family of 6 accompanied by a great big fluffy bread roll whilst I ate my (admittedly rather yummy) grilled vegetable and avocado salad with a side of cantaloup melon. I admit it. I confess… I did steal a couple of tiny bites of his bread. Well. I’m only human after all ;).  I feel pretty good about to today in general. Onwards and upwards (or downwards… depends how you look at it!). Before bed we curled up to watch a film and I drank a mug of mint tea.

2013-03-14 19.54.49 2013-03-14 19.55.08images

20:00: Salad with grilled vegetables and avocado topped with mexican salsa + 2 small bites of bread

20:00: Cantaloup Melon balls

21:00: Mint Tea

Went to bed feeling full and happy… and excited about taking control 🙂


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