You are my sunshine…

Wednesday 19th March

9st 6.75lbs

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of porridge with prunes and berries followed by a cup of tea at breaktime.

20140319_071041 20140319_110045

  • Quaker Oats Porridge in ‘golden syrup’ (made with water) topped with blueberries & prunes (270)
  • Unsweetened Tea with semi-skimmed milk (30)


I’m running low on food (and money) already this month so lunch was a scraped together mix of a canned ravioli mini meal and a cup ‘a’ soup! I followed this with another cup of tea.

20140319_122707 20140319_110045

  • Tesco veg-filled ravioli (150)
  • Mushroom & crouton cup ‘a’ soup (115)
  • Unsweetened tea with semi skimmed milk (30)


In the afternoon we were doing science experiments involving melting different types of chocolate and I just couldn’t help getting a little involved ;).


  • Mixed chocolate squares (200)


Dinner was a quorn steak and veg with a little bbq sauce. I followed this with some natural Greek yogurt topped with oats and prunes.


  • Peppered quorn steak with bbq sauce (175)
  • Broccoli, cauliflower & kale with salad dressing (130)
  • Porridge oats and prunes with natural Greek yogurt (350)


In the evening I had some more porridge as I was feeling peckish before bed



  • Quaker Oats Porridge in ‘golden syrup’ (made with water) & 1tbsp honey (190)





This evening’s workout was a brand new one for me; from the P90X2 series. It is called P.A.P (Post-activation Potentiation) Lower and is comprised of 2 ‘complexes’ of 4 moves, each repeated 4 times. I read up on the workout before completing it, and from the reviews I was expecting a monstrous 60minutes but in reality I didn’t think this workout came even close to the dizzying heights of anything from the Insanity programmes, or even Jillian Michaels’ later workouts. Whilst I could certainly feel muscles working and my heart rate did fire up periodically doing this DVD, I got far more of a sweat on from doing 30 minutes with Jillian’s Body Revolution workouts than an entire hour here. The repetitive nature of the workout also meant that I felt bored and impatient pretty quickly and that isn’t great for my motivation.

All in all I would say this is a great workout for those who are less advanced in their fitness OR for those who are looking for a longer, slower-burning workout, perhaps for those days when you are feeling a little less than your best.


  • P90X2 P.A.P LOWER (60mins)


Spring Cleaning…

Tuesday 18th March

9st 9lbs


Definitely time to get in shape for springtime :) So breakfast today was a boiled egg, 1/2 grapefruit and 1/2 can of prunes. I also snacked on a banana at  breaktime.

b b2download

  • 1 boiled egg and 1/2 grapefruit (120)
  • 1/2 can prunes (130)
  • Banana (100)


Lunch was a boiled egg salad with olives, and a cheese sandwich, all washed down with a cup of tea.


  • 2 boiled eggs with olives, tomatoes and salad dressing (200)
  • Chilli cheese sandwich on brown bread (350)
  • Unsweetened tea (20)


I had a cheese omlette and a glass of milk for dinner.


  • 3 egg omlette with chilli cheese and olives (400)
  • 200ml semi-skimmed milk (110)


In the evening I ate a bowl of porridge before bed.


  • ‘Quaker Oats’ Blackberry & Apple porridge made with water (140)





Workout today came from Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution series. I just LOVE these workouts as they are a little of everything and you get such a lot out of them in a short space of time. It is so convenient to have a workout that gets you sweating and aching in all the right places but also fits into the half hour between rushing here there and everywhere. Having said that; I’ve been cycling through them for about a year now and unfortunately I’m just not getting quite the same impact from them as back in the beginning. Hopefully she’ll be back with something new and similar very soon!



You and me we can light up the sky…

Thursday 30th January

9st 4lbs

This morning I had yogurt, oats and fruit for breakfast, and snacked on a smoothie at breaktime.

20140130_065522 20140130_111451

- Plain greek yogurt with porridge oats & nectarine (270)

Innocent smoothie; Pomegranate, blueberry & acai (200)


Lunch was sausage and sweet potato mash followed by grapes and a big cup of tea. I also had a nutrigrain bar in the afternoon.

20140130_122017 images (1)

- Sausages and sweet potato mash (260)

Grapes (150)

Tea (20)

Apple nutri-grain bar (135)


Dinner was veg and quorn pieces in sauce and a homemade smoothie.

20140130_161803 20140130_161810

- Quorn & veg in black bean sauce (350)

- Nectarine & milk smoothie (140)


Finished off the day with a nice big glass of warm milk before bed :)



250ml skimmed milk (150)





Was in a rush again today because I had Glee rehearsal in the evening but I whipped out a Jillian Michael’s cardio workout which is always my ‘go-to’ when I need something short but hardcore.






Loving every minute cos you make me feel so alive…

Wednesday 29th January 

9st 5.5lbs

This morning started much like yesterday… greek yogurt, oats and banana chips and plenty of black coffee to wake me up. Is it the weekend yeeeeet??

20140129_063951 20140129_063959

- Greek yogurt, cranberry oats, banana chips & sweetener (350)


During the morning I snacked on an apple and 2 cups of tea.

20140129_083445 20140129_083445 20140129_105555

- Apple (75)

2 x Tea (50)


Lunch was tikka masala with rice and veg, followed by a nectarine and more tea!

20140129_121616 20140129_123224

- Rice & veg with tikka masala sauce (500)

Nectarine (40)

- Tea (20)


Dinner was veg with black bean stirfry sauce, grapes & a big glass of skimmed milk.

20140129_154914 20140129_154928

- Broccoli, cauliflower & carrot with black bean sauce (170)

250ml skimmed milk (100)

Grapes (150)


In the evening I went to London with some friends to watch the stage show ‘Wicked’ (AMAZING!) where I was a bit naughty and had a glass of wine, some marshmallows and chocolate buttons. On the train home I also had a packet of crisps. Oops. Worth it though… what an evening :D :D

20140129_175745 images (1) White_Wine_Glas100641

Marshmallows (160)

3 giant chocolate buttons (50)

Large glass of wine (200)

- Chilli heatwave doritos (200)





Today I was in a huge rush after school to get on a train to London so I did a quick resistant workout from Chealean Johnson’s Turbofire series. Not the most intense of workouts but certainly got a good burn in the arms using medium weights :)






Dream on; dream until your dreams come true…

Tuesday 28th January

9st 5.75lbs


This morning I had a bowl of natural greek yogurt with oats and banana chips and a strong black coffee to start the day. I had another black coffee in the staff room before lessons started and at break time I snacked on an apple and a cup of tea.


- Low fat greek yogurt, oats, banana chips & sweetener (360)

- Apple and Tea (100)


Lunch was a pesto pasta salad from Boots, an apple and some grapes, followed by another cup of tea.


- Pesto & Pinenut Pasta Salad (366)

- Grapes (150)

- Apple (75)

- Tea (20)


After work I snacked on an Innocent smoothie and a bag of popcorn on my way to sports coaching. Also had another couple of cuppas whilst working :D

20140128_152229 20140128_164300 20140128_17190620140128_171906

- Innocent; Peaches & Apricots Smoothie (150)

- Sweet Honey & Sea Salt Popcorn (122)

- 2 x Tea (55)


Dinner was a simple bowl of veggies with mustard, followed by a peach and a mini cheesecake bite.


- Carrot, broccoli & cauliflower with mustard & balsamic vinegar (150)]

Peach (40)

- Mini strawberry cheesecake bite (100)




All you need is love…

Monday 27th January

9st 6.25lbs

So it’s been AGES since I updated… been too busy being happy and having a lovely Christmas. Turns out the right person is the key to being happy… not numbers on a scale :D. HOWEVER, that said, we have just booked a springtime holiday and it would be nice to be looking my best so a little bit of ‘maintaining healthy habits’ can’t be a bad thing ;)


SO… this morning I started out with fruit, yogurt and oats before snacking on an apple and a cup of tea during break time.


- Activia raspberry yogurt, oats and 1 nectarine (290)

- Apple and Tea (130)


Lunch was a quick and easy Uncle Ben’s rice and sauce with another apple and more tea. Later on I snacked on a duck sushi pack in town.

attachment30 175

- Uncle Ben’s Rice and Sauce (370)

- Apple (75)

- Tea (30)

- Duck Sushi Pack (175)


Dinner was a sweet chilli noodle salad with veg, followed by an apple. 455OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

- Sweet Chilli Noodle Salad and Veg (445)

- Apple (75)


I also had a cheeky mini cheesecake bite as a bedtime snack ;)


- Mini strawberry cheesecake bite (100)





Today’s exercise was one of the big ones… INSANITY! My least favourite workouts of all time (ie. the hardest ;) ) Now usually I’m not one to shy away from tough workouts; I’ll lift heavy until I literally can’t move anymore and I happily ran marathons before my leg operation stopped me from road running… but these workouts just fill me with dread. The sheer speed and frenetic nature of them terrify me. Nevertheless they are an unavoidable part of my program and so I push through. Today, luckily, was one of the (marginally) easier ones. And by that I simply mean slightly shorter. Pure Cardio. I felt like I did a good job although I had to push pause a few times to take a few breaths in between exercises. Later on I went and did some gymnastics training… trying to get some of my old moves back ;) . download gymnastics


- GYMNASTICS TRAINING (low intensity) (1.5 HOURS)



Wishing on a star…

Monday 14th October

This morning I started the day with a healthy bowl of fruit and yogurt and a black coffee. At break time I had a cup of tea and a couple of small apples


images apples

  • Apple, banana and blueberries with 0% greek yogurt & 1tsp sugar (250 cals)
  • Black, unsweetened coffee
  • Tea with semi-skimmed milk and 1 sugar (50 cals)
  • 2 small apple (130 cals)


Lunch was a cottage cheese and avocado salad with fruit, followed by a cheeky tea and biscuit


maryland-cookie PHOTO_20131014_123025

  • Avocado salad with sweet chilli cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes (350 cals)
  • Grapes and blueberries (100 cals)
  • Tea and chocolate chip cookie (100 cals)


In the afternoon we had a load of sweets and chocolates in the classroom so I had a couple of Thornton’s truffles and a square of galaxy

download 8377870787_f2ef49bd2e

  • 2 Thornton’s classic collection chocolates (120 cals)
  • 1 square of galaxy chocolate (40 cals)


Dinner was the leftovers from last night’s quorn and squash curry and some stewed fruit

PHOTO_20131013_173839 Finished product

  • Quorn & squash curry with onion, pepper & zucchini, tikka massala sauce & topped with soured cream (500 cals)
  • Stewed apple and berries (250 cals)


TOTAL CALS: approx 1880

And we’ve gotta let it burn…

Sunday October 13th

Been a tricky few weeks without scales or a camera but I’ve finally got myself up on my feet so I’m hoping I can keep a better track of things from here on in! Been a difficult adjustment period in general if I’m honest, big life changes and a lot of chaos. I’m really hoping that over the next few weeks things will settle into more of a routine.

Anyway, back to today; Mum and me cooked a nice Sunday breakfast together of avocado and cheese omlette which was lovely. Was so nice to get a lie-in and breakfast in bed after a 6-day working week of early starts! Later in the morning I snacked on a couple of small apples.



  • 2 egg omlette with 30g reduced fat chedder cheese, 1/2 small avocado & a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce
  • 2 small apples


Lunch was hurried can of weight watchers 99cal tomato soup with some more cheese, carrot sticks and olives. In the afternoon I had a cappuccino and a small chocolate bar at the garden centre cafe with my grandparents.



  • Weight watchers tomato soup (99 cals) with 30g reduced fat chedder, carrot sticks & olives 
  • Cappuccino with sweeteners & mini rocky bar (120 cals)


In the evening I made up some quorn chicken and veg with some tikka massala paste and greek yogurt. In the evening I had some grapes and a large glass of milk.



  • Quorn pieces with squash, pepper & cherry tomatoes stirfried in tikka massala paste & lowfat greek yogurt
  • 250ml semi-skimmed milk
  • Large bunch of red grapes


I see your true colours shining through…

Monday 23rd September

Breakfast this morning was a chopped apple with greek yogurt and peanut butter, with a nice big cup of coffee. Mid morning I had an alpen light bar as a snack.

greek-yogurt-apple-banana 140168153

  • 0% greek yogurt with chopped apple and 1tbsp peanut butter (300 cals)
  • Alpen light bar; Apple and sultana (70 cals)


Mid morning I did my workout which today was heavy strength. I did circuit 2 of Chalean Extreme’s ‘Burn’ phase which I have to say, was tough going. It’s very very slow-paced so you need to go heavy on the weights but if you do, it’s a GREAT workout. I could feel my muscles working all over and I’m sure I’m going to be achy tomorrow!




I had an early lunch of scrambled eggs with ham & olives and ryvita & hummus, followed by a muller light yogurt.

images images (1)44524011_H

  • 2 eggs scrambled with cherry tomatoes, red pepper ham & green olives (250 cals)
  • 2 ‘hint of chilli’ ryvita with 1/2 pot piri piri hummus (200 cals)
  • Muller light Banana & Custard yogurt (100 cals)


In the afternoon I went out for a cappuccino and a gossip with my grandma, before snacking on a couple more ryvita with philly at home.

download (1) P1080857

  • Cappuccino; 2 sweeteners, semi skimmed milk (60 cals)
  • 2 ‘hint of chilli’ ryvita with sweet chilli philadephia light (200 cals)


In the evening I made some quorn sausages with grilled veg for me and my mum, followed by some frozen yogurt and raspberries.



  • 2 Quorn sausages & mustard with grilled pepper, onion & carrot, drizzled with sweet chilli sauce (350 cals)
  • 3 scoops of mango & passionfruit frozen yogurt with raspberries (270 cals)


TOTAL CALS: approx. 1800

As long as I know how to love, I know I’ll stay alive…

Thursday 19th September

This morning I started the day with a bowl of fruit and yogurt with a sprinkle of porridge oats, strong black coffee, and a glass of almond milk. Mid-morning I snacked on some wasabi peanuts.


peanut crunchies 300

  • Mango & lychee with 0% greek yogurt and 2tsps porridge oats (250 cals)
  • 200ml Unsweetened Rice Milk (50 cals)
  • Black, unsweetened coffee (5 cals)
  • Wasabi Peanuts (230 cals)


Lunch was a delicious salad, of avocado, mango, prawns and olives with sweet chilli dip and ryvita.


  • Salad with prawns, 1/2 avocado, olives and mango, topped with sweet  chilli sauce and served with 1 ‘hint of chilli’ ryvita cracker (350 cals)


In the afternoon I didn’t have much time so I did a speedy ab workout by Chalean Johnson. Its short but sharp and it definitely got my core working hard.





After a quick shower I had to rush out and get on a train to Portsmouth for a Uni reunion party. On the train I snacked on an apple and a cereal bar and later on before going out I had some chocolate.

alpen-light-293446 download (1) download (2)

  • Alpen Light bar; Apple and Sultana (70 cals)
  • Apple
  • Wonka Chocolate Nice Cream bar (180 cals)


The evening was a bit of a blur but I know it involved plenty of chilli vodka shots, some vodka cocktails and a LOT of dancing :D Amazing evening <3


  • Chilli vodka shots
  • Vodka lemonade cocktails